Spiritual Problems?
Welcome to tigarespeaks.com

Spiritual Problems?
Welcome to tigarespeaks.com

Nana Tigare

      Experiencing Problems of a Spiritual Nature?

                           Nana Tigare can help!

Who is Nana Tigare?

Nana Tigare, a very powerful and popular deity from Northern Ghana, and is praised for his skill and prowess in fighting against those who engage in evil practices. He is known throughout the entire West Coast of Africa and the United States for his "life and death" healing powers         (see Testimonials).

                    The meaning of Nana Tigare:  

                          Everyone will go free!  


Nana Tigare is committed to everyone  living their lives fully... as God intended!

                    Nana Tigare is a problem solver!   

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Contact Information

Nana Ohene Kwame, Tigare Priest

I am an African-American born in the U.S. and trained for the priesthood in Ghana, West Africa. I have spent the past 40-years traveling back and forth to Ghana to ensure Nana Tigare's Shrine is properly installed here in the U.S.

If interested in Nana Tigare's help, I suggest we have an initial conversation via the telephone. In this way you can share with me just what it is that you have been experiencing. Nana Tigare will be consulted and will prescribe your remedy. E-mails also welcomed.

Additional Services

I also provide Numerology Readings, using your Date-of-Birth.

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South Carolina

My experience with Nana Tegare has been phenomenal! Over the past year, I sought the help of the shrine in regard to my brother who lives in South Carolina. My brother was dreadfully ill and not expected to live. In fact, he was on a respirator.

In New York, I went to Nana Tegare and sought his help in regard to my brother's illness. Nana Tegare prescribed the necessary remedy, which I executed as prescribed. Within a few short weeks, with the help of Nana Tegare and the Divine Creator, my brother has been healed. Nana Tegare is very powerful! I am forever indebted to Nana Tigare. He saved my brother's life. 

Female: Age 54...

Occupation: Technology Support

Elizabeth, New Jersey 

I was having really bad spiritual attacks at night. I tried different solutions which worked for a while, but then the attacks would start occuring again. I consulted with Nana Tigare. He confirmed and detailed what was going on and offered his help. I took his help and haven't had a spiritual attack since.

Male; Age: 25 

Occupation: Legal Assistan

Washington, D.C.

I live in Washington, D.C. For many years, I have had a spirit communicating with me. This spirit would visit me in my dreams and show me many things, for example, the spirit would show that it is all encompassing, all knowing. From the dreams, I was able to discern that this is a dynamic spirit, in deed. The spirit's energy would enter my being. This is another way the spirit would make its presence known. The problem was, when the spirit manifested in this manner, it would never speak. This was frustating because I did not know the identity of this spirit; I did not know its name.

I traveled to New York to consult the Nana Tigare shrine. Nana Tigare informed his priest, Nana Ohene, the ritual to perform to "Open the Mouth" of the spirit. After the ritual was performed, the spirit was called and spoke for the first time. The spirit revealed that he is a male spirit and communicated his name. I am happy to say, thanks to Nana Tigare, the spirit now speaks when he manifests. And, when I pray, I can now call him by name.

Female; Age: 40; 

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Brooklyn, New York

I had been having some issues with my menstrual cycle. The problem was that I was menstruating daily over a 2 year period. I sought medical attention and was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome which doctors attributed to be the cause of my bleeding daily. The doctors prescribed medication to regulate my body. I started the series of drugs which had terrible side-effects only to be switched to a different medication with less-severe side-effects.

Shortly, there after, at my place of employment, I worked with a young lady who I was aware had some spiritual gifts. One day, I walked into her office to retrieve some documents and she turned to me and said, “What your aunt did to you was wicked”. Stunned. I returned to my office and waited a while before returning to her Office to inquire about what she had said. She responded that she didn’t recall any of what I was mentioning to her. At home, I informed my parents who, in turn, contacted a family friend in Jamaica for some insight. The family friend consulted a spiritualist in Jamaica and informed my parents that my Aunt had put something in place that would cause me to bleed to death and that a spiritual intervention was necessary and must be performed, as soon as possible.

I was introduced to Nana Ohene and his Tigare shrine. My family and I were told which rites had to be performed. The rites were performed and that was the beginning of the rest of my life. I no longer menstruate daily. My monthly cycle is now regulated. I continue to pray to Nana Tigare and have brought to him offerings of gratitude. I will always seek his continued guidance and protection. Nana Tigare saved my life!

       Female; Age 25 

Occupation: Case Worker

Nana Ohene

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